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About Us

Taneisha Foy, RN, is the Owner and CEO of SSC Personal Services Home Care and HealthCare Training, she brings with her 20+ years of experience in the health care industry. Taneisha is driven by her passion to care for the sick and educating, but was also able to fulfill a personal desire to help others who have the same passion she has for helping the sick by forming SSC Personal Services, where she can enjoy her passions for both direct care experiences and healthcare education and training.


The vision of SSC Personal Services Home Care and HealthCare Training is to educate, train and potentially hire individuals who are motivated, passionate and sincere, and are willing to utilize their time to provide the best possible holistic health care services to those who need heartfelt care but prefer to have their care services provided for in the comfort of their own homes.


Our goal is to help our clients maintain the best quality of life that they can have for as long as they can, in the comfort of their own home, with care that feels like they are in a top-notch facility.  We believe that putting the patient and their needs first, by having our team collaborate directly with the patient and their loved ones in every situation, is the best way to provide this level of health care services.


Taneisha is a mom of three, and in her free time she loves traveling and roller skating.

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